Great Futures Legacy Circle - Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota

Great Futures Legacy Circle

Leave a legacy by making a planned gift to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota’s Great Futures Legacy Circle is a group of friends who have show their support by making a planned gift to the Boys & Girls Club and the children we serve:

A planned gift may be in the form of:

  • A bequest in a last will and testament
  • A charitable trust
  • A life insurance policy
  • A remainder gift from a retirement plan
  • A charitable gift annuity.

Supporting the Boys & Girls Club in this manner may be an excellent way of benefiting your personal financial, estate and tax planning, as well as advancing the vision of the Boys & Girls Club.

Members of the Legacy Circle:

  • Walter Apple †
  • Mark & Angie Benson
  • Ron & Grayce Berg
  • Jason Bernick
  • Dick & Mimi Bitzan
  • Tim Chirhart & Jeanne Soleim
  • Curt & Sara Gainsforth
  • Peter & Anne Fuchsteiner
  • Dennis & Barbara Gregory
  • Scott Johnson †
  • Bob & Anne Mahowald
  • Gary & Jane Marsden
  • Mike Mavetz & Penny Schmitt
  • Larry & Peg Meyer
  • Bob & Renee Miller
  • Deb & Tim Nebosis
  • Mark & Diane Sakry
  • Tom & Joyce Schlough
  • Henry & Lisa Schreifels
  • Norman C. Skalicky
  • Mary & Keith Swingle
  • Mark & Ann Thelen
  • Dan & Susan Tideman
  • Tony & Joyce Tillemans
  • George & Shirley † Torrey
  • Thomas & Nansi Vos
  • Gary & Pat Webber
  • Pat Welter & Patrick Henry
  • Tom & Vickie Wicks
  • Patty Yarbrough

For more information on how you can join the Legacy Circle, please review a copy of our Legacy Circle brochure (PDF). You may become a member simply by informing us that you have made a planned gift and by filling out the Legacy Circle pledge form.

Please feel free to contact the Planned Giving Office at the Boys & Girls Club at 252-7616 or by email