Boys & Girls Club member participates in Congressman Emmer’s Young Women’s Leadership Program

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota is pleased to recognize Southside Club member Brook’Lynn H. for participating in the 2023 Young Women’s Leadership Program.

U.S. Congressman Tom Emmer has provided the Young Women’s Leadership Program since 2016. This program offers an opportunity for young women in high school throughout the Sixth Congressional District to meet and interact with professional women in the great state of Minnesota who have built successful careers and hold or have held leadership roles in government, business, media, and other occupations.

Participants of this program take part in open roundtable discussions with their peers and women professionals from various fields, all while sharing insights, guidance, and stories. Young women have the chance to learn about career opportunities in these fields, develop their own leadership and communication abilities, and cultivate skills that they hope to improve upon.

“Every year, we look forward to hosting this exciting program,” said Congressman Tom Emmer. “Our community is lucky to have so many distinguished women leaders, and their advice can be invaluable to young people as they consider their opportunities for after high school graduation.”

The program spanned three sessions this summer, with topics ranging from leading in a crisis to financial literacy and mental health management.

Brook’Lynn said she applied to participate in this program as soon as she learned about the opportunity through Boys & Girls Club’s CareerSTART program. She said she wanted to participate because it would expose her to different aspects of government and law.

“I want to study law and become a criminal defense attorney,” said Brook’Lynn. “I want to study all aspects of law, and this program has given me a broader view of the whole subject.”

Brook’Lynn said that the leadership program toured the St. Cloud Police Department, and they learned from women in law enforcement. They also toured a bank in the 6th District to learn from women in financial leadership roles.

Brook’Lynn mentioned that in addition to the Young Women’s Leadership Program, CareerSTART has taught her essential skills to prepare her for a career as a criminal defense attorney. She said CareerSTART not only exposed her to many different work fields, but it also taught her how to manage money and how to save for college.

“Because criminal law is such a male-dominated field, it inspired me to enter it,” said Brook’Lynn. “Women have empowerment, and we can do anything we put our minds to!”

“We are so proud of Brook’Lynn, because she takes advantage of every single opportunity that comes her way,” said Mary Swingle, President & CEO of the Boys & Girls Club. “We continue to be amazed by her initiative and drive, and I can’t wait to see the incredible things she will accomplish as an attorney.”

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