Roosevelt Club offers Junior Food Inspectors Program through CareerSTART

Lisa & Hank Schreifels, Boys & Girls Club volunteers who both are retired from professional careers in environmental health, provided an opportunity for 3rd to 5th graders at the Roosevelt Club this fall to learn about environmental health and food services. Both Lisa and Hank hold the Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) credential, and Lisa currently serves on the board of the Minnesota Environmental Health Association.

The program introduced a variety of topics and offered a number of varying activities to youth participants. FightBac! taught youth about how microorganisms contaminate food and make people sick. Danger Zone! led youth through a hands-on activity using food thermometers. Participants learned the importance of proper and thorough handwashing in an activity with Glogerm, which visually showed the kids the germs on their hands. They were introduced to important safety procedures to take while making food at home and were exposed to a number of careers in Environmental Health and Food Services. Three guest speakers visited and spoke with youth about their career paths. The program ended with an inspection of the Club kitchen. Youth demonstrated their knowledge by finding the deliberate violations and compliance items strategically placed in the facility.

This experience was brought about as a part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota’s CareerSTART program.

“Hank and Lisa put so much hard work into this program. I can’t thank them enough,” said Roosevelt Unit Director Dominique Hollomon.

Guest speakers included:

  • Sarah Covelli, REHS, Stearns County Environmental Services
  • Suzanne Driessen, Extension Educator, Food Science, University of MN Extension
  • Emily Schoblaski, REHS, City of St. Cloud Environmental Health Specialist

Kids who completed the sessions received a cool string backpack will free stuff donated by the Minnesota Environmental Health Association, University of Minnesota Extension and Minnesota Department of Health.

About Career START:

CareerSTART is a locally developed program by Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota, is designed to provide exploration, development and application of career paths for youth in grades K-12, to develop employability skills & apply core competencies, which will empower them to start their great future in the career of their choice.


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