St. Cloud Toyota Gives Boys & Girls Club the Gift of Safety This Holiday Season!

Boys & Girls Club employees (left to right) Aimee Minnerath, Marketing Manager, Deb Nebosis, Development Director, Geri Bechtold, Director of KIDSTOP Operations, and Mark Sakry, Executive Director, accept a $20,000 check to support a safety plan from St. Cloud Toyota employees: Jeff Fuller-Marketing Manager, Kelsey Skansgaard-E-Commerce Director, Tom Findley-General Manager

The safety of our community’s children is a top priority for the staff of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota. St. Cloud Toyota deeply values the principle of keeping kids safe, and they supported that premise with a $20,000 gift to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota. A total of $10,000 was given directly by St. Cloud Toyota, and Toyota National provided a 100% match for a total of $20,000.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota used the gift to purchase 50 XPR 3500E 403-512 4W Motorola handheld radios to dramatically improve safety and emergency response time at the Eastside, Southside and Roosevelt Boys & Girls Clubs in St. Cloud.

The Motorola XPR 3000e Series is designed to enhanced safety within each site, with the rapid response capability of instant push-to-talk communications. The radios will be programmed to communicate with the St. Cloud Area School District’s system as well as the St. Cloud Police Department and are capable of utilizing the emergency 911 channel if needed.

Staff in different parts of the Boys & Girls Clubs and outside of the buildings in the parks and on playgrounds will each be assigned a radio to ensure instant communication with other staff in case of a medical or intruder emergency.

“The priority of safety deeply resonated with Mike and Wanda Dockendorf at a recent meeting with Boys & Girls Club staff,” said Jeff Fuller, St. Cloud Toyota’s Marketing Manager. “They wanted their gift to fill an imminent need, and keeping kids safe with these radios just made sense.”

This radio purchase is a pivotal point of the Boys & Girls Club’s 5S safety plan, which was indorsed in 2015 to ensure optimal safety across all sites. Boys & Girls Club staff are committed to this safety plan not only at the three Boys & Girls Clubs, but also at the 15 KIDSTOP sites, located in the St. Cloud, Sartell-St. Stephen, Sauk Rapids- Rice and ROCORI school districts and STRIDE and Athlos academy charter schools. Therefore, they purchased an additional 120 handheld radios to ensure the highest standards of safety organization-wide.

“The addition of the Motorola radios to our programs has already made a significant impact on safety procedures at all the sites,” said Director of KIDSTOP Operations Geri Bechtold. “Staff are reporting that the radios work in all areas of these block buildings. Staff can easily communicate site-to-site as well. This is a huge step forward in increasing security. Thank you, St. Cloud Toyota!”

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