Spotlight on Staff: Faisa Omar

Staff Spotlight: Meet Faisa Omar
Position: Great Futures Coordinator at the Roosevelt Club
Number of Years at the Club: 5 
“The Club’s mission is very important to me,” said Faisa. “It gives our youth the space to really find themselves. Figuring out your interests and dreams can be hard and sometimes a little uncomfortable. It’s important for our kids to feel safe, encouraged, and supported while realizing their potential. My favorite part is witnessing our kids discover their capabilities and all the things that make them special.”
In Faisa’s spare time, she enjoys singing and music. She recently recorded a song titled “Pressure,” which was released on January 7, 2023, on all platforms! This song describes her journey to self-discovery. The lyrics in the second verse speak to the mindset Faisa has adopted this year:  “Claiming I will make it out today. I won’t cancel out my pride today. Moving forward, that’s the only way; I’ll be chasing all that’s meant for me.”