Doug & Shelley Schuver support Boys & Girls Club’s COVID-19 efforts

As news reports of the ripple effects of COVID-19 nationwide peppered the headlines, Doug and Shelley Schuver of Granville, Iowa felt compelled to help. One story after another conveyed that children weren’t getting enough meals, that food shelves were running empty.

“I thought, ‘we could help some kids at this point in our lives,’” said Doug.

At first, Doug and Shelley had planned to do something local, but they wanted their money to have the maximum amount of impact. Their local community has a very low level of poverty, and they weren’t convinced that it was needed as much there.

“We wanted to make sure the money got to the right people – the people who direly need help,” said Shelley.

So, Doug called his son, Chris Schuver, for his recommendation of a worthy organization. Chris is the Board President of Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota.

“Chris said you guys have a wonderful organization in St. Cloud, and he told me about all the great things the staff are doing for youth in the community,” said Doug. He and Shelley agreed that giving to support the Boys & Girls Club in St. Cloud made the most sense.

Doug and Shelley were clear that they are not giving for the publicity, but if the story of how they chose to step up and help during this time of crisis can provide encouragement to others, they are glad to share.

“God has been good to us,” Doug said, “so if we can help others, that’s where we get our enjoyment.”

Doug and Shelley have lived a modest life together, and they still live in the same home that they bought in the 1980s. Doug worked a local bank and as a part-time trucker most of his life, until he retired from the bank and became a full-time trucker. Shelley stayed home with their boys as they were growing up, but has worked in assisted living for the past 20 years.

“These are scary times,” Shelley said. “But I feel like God is moving in our lives. We are all becoming closer, and we will be stronger after this is over.”

When asked what Doug would say to others who are looking for some way to help during the pandemic, Doug said, “I would tell them to look down deep inside yourself. Take a look at where you are in life and ask yourself if you can make a difference in a kid’s life.”

Shelley added, “Love another child like you love your own children and grandchildren. Be grateful for what you have and give to others. Spread God’s love in this time of crisis!”

Please consider joining Doug and Shelley Schuver in supporting Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota during COVID-19. Every dollar counts and will go directly to providing emergency services childcare, distributing meals to kids in need and reaching out to kids in any way we can to ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing during the pandemic. Give online today at