Youth Development Professional - Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota

Youth Development Professional

Get paid to do something meaningful.

Plan and lead a variety of activities in areas such as Academic Success, Social Recreation, Arts & Crafts, Outdoor/Environment, and Physical Education for Club members.

Plan and lead a variety of activities within a specific program area, such as Academic Success,
Social Recreation, Arts & Crafts, Outdoor/Environment and Physical Education.

STARTING WAGE: $15.00 per hour

1. Creates an environment that facilitates the achievement of positive youth development:
-Promotes and stimulate program participation;
-Provides guidance and role modeling to members.
-Focus on maintaining a safe, positive atmosphere for all youth.
-Exhibits a warm, concerned attitude toward youth that uses a positive approach in dealing
with individuals as well as groups of children.
2. Effectively plan and lead programs, services and a variety of activities for members.
3. Participates as an active, positive team member with supervisor, other staff, volunteers and
members at all times by communicating effectively.
4. Completes program planners in a timely manner including new, fun and inviting program
ideas for the designated area(s).
5. Be aware of safety procedures for fire, tornado, lock down, etc.
6. Ensures a productive work environment by participating in staff meetings.
7. Plans and leads special programs and/or events at site.
8. Responsible for care and maintenance of program equipment, supplies and facility including
daily clean up and proper use.

1. Ability to relate well with children in Boys & Girls Club/KIDSTOP group environment.
2. Ability to be flexible, adaptable and mobile when supervising groups of children.
3. Is aware of Boys & Girls Club/KIDSTOP policies and will abide by them.
4. Ability to plan and implement quality programs for youth.
5. Effectively communicate with staff and with children of all ages.

Experience: Must be 16 years of age; one to three months of experience
working with children preferred

Maintains close, daily contact with Club members and supervisor to receive/provide information,
discuss issues and explain guidelines/ instructions. Maintains positive relations with school
personnel the general public and member families at all times.

Visual: Normal acuity required daily for making color distinction, depth of sight, 2 hours
Communication: Able to express thoughts and ideas in an accurate and understandable manner through verbal and written format
with internal and external contacts 3 hours per day
Movement: Ability to maneuver within work site 4-5 hours per day
Lifting/Pulling/Pushing/Carrying: Able to comfortably move and manipulate up to 25 lbs of weight up to 4 hours per day
Finger Dexterity: Have hand movement and finger dexterity to operate office equipment such as computer, fax, phone, copier up to 1 hour a day