Blattner introduces renewable energy interactive trailer to Southside Boys & Girls Club

On June 27th, the Southside Boys & Girls Club buzzed with excitement as Blattner Energy rolled in with their interactive trailer. Blattner Energy, a leader in building solar panels and wind turbines, engaged with the kids and provided hands-on activities that highlighted the power and potential of renewable energy.

Learning through play

The interactive trailer was a hit among Club members, who eagerly participated in various activities. One standout was the hand crank game. This fun yet educational game challenged the kids to turn a handle quickly within a time limit to generate electricity. A team member from Blattner then explained that a single solar panel can produce up to 500 watts of electricity per hour by simply sitting in the sun. The kids were thrilled to see firsthand how their efforts could produce real, usable energy.

Gear up for work

For Club members, the highlight was undoubtedly getting to dress up as if they were heading to a job site. They donned hard hats, work boots, vests, and asked the Blattner team what it was like to build solar panels and wind turbines, Blattner Energy brought along familiar items from their work sites, including the enormous and heavy screws used in wind turbine construction. Club members marveled at the size and weight of these components and gained a new appreciation for the work involved in building renewable energy structures.


Bringing careers to light

Teens from the Roosevelt Club also joined the event and were introduced to the numerous career opportunities within the renewable energy sector. Blattner Energy’s team shared their expertise, inspiring these young minds to consider futures as engineers, technicians, and sustainability advocates.

Blattner’s visit definitely sparked curiosity and enthusiasm for renewable energy and opportunities in the field for the next generation. It was an immersive educational experience that left a lasting impression on everyone involved.