Old Navy career workshop provides pilot CareerSTART experience


The Roosevelt Club is getting ahead of the game by exposing youth to a wide range of professions before they enter the working world. In June, a group of Club members went on an adventure to Old Navy of St. Cloud to get a behind-the-scenes look at the tasks they undergo on a daily basis to keep operations running smoothly.

The kids learned about pricing strategies, managing inventory, and the importance of good customer service. The youth were given the opportunity of using new, innovative technology to check to see how many items and what sizes were in stock. They then were taught how to find the exact location in the back of the store where the rest of that product was kept. When the item was out of stock, they were shown how a new order would be placed or if the item was no longer being produced. They were also given the chance to use their creative side and dress mannequins.

This tour was a part of the pilot experience designed to prepare staff and youth for CareerSTART; a new program officially being launched on September 9, 2019. CareerSTART is a new locally developed college and career readiness program that builds upon academic preparedness, career exploration, career development, and career application for all 6,600+ youth of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota.