Norm Skalicky presents $50,000.00 gift to Club in memory of Dan Coborn

Norm Skalicky

Dan Coborn’s kindness and generosity continue to have a ripple effect on the community and specifically the Boys & Girls Club.

On Friday, April 7th, Mark Sakry met with Norm Skalicky, Chris Coborn and Mabel Coborn at the Eastside Boys & Girls Club. It was there that Norm Skalicky formally announced that the Norman C. Skalicky Foundation was making a $50,000.00 gift to the Boys & Girls Club in memory of Dan Coborn.

When thanked for his generous conribution to the Boys & Girls Club, Norm responded, “I’m grateful to be able to help. It’s especially nice to honor Dan Coborn, who did so much to make our community a great place to live and work.”

Mark Sakry expressed the key role both Norm Skalicky and the Coborns have played in building three full-service Boys & Girls Clubs over the past 20 years. “We couldn’t have done it without their leadership and their generous help.”

“Norm Skalicky and the Coborn family have helped the children of Central Minnesota for decades, especially those kids from disadvantaged backgrounds who need us most.”

Mabel Coborn was one of the first to recognize that the old Eastside Club on Wilson Avenue, in her words, “had seen better days.” Mabel and her late husband, Dan Coborn, responded with a generous constribution to Norm Skalicky’s challenge grant to build a new Eastside Club in 2008.
This is just one example of the good that takes place when philanthropic, kind-hearted leaders step to the plate for kids.