CareerSTART, a locally developed program by Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota, is designed to provide exploration, development and application of career paths for youth in grades K-12, to develop employability skills & apply core competencies, which will empower them to start their great future in the career of their choice.

Boys & Girls Club will partner with numerous community organizations to provide the three stages of CareerSTART.

EXPLORE – Stage 1: Career Exploration Club

Clubs and KIDSTOP sites will provide age-appropriate exposure to career opportunities in the six cluster areas on a bi-monthly basis. Careers will be featured in programming, appear on bulletin boards and staff will reinforce a career-focused strategy across our programs.

DEVELOP – Stage 2: Career Development Club

Middle school and high school students will have the opportunity to develop career readiness skills, with programs like Career Launch that teach youth how to create a resume, fill out job applications and perform mock interviews. Money Matters teaches youth financial literacy, how to open a bank account, what credit is and why it’s important, and the financial aid process. Youth can explore careers in human services with our Junior Staff Career Development Program. The Club also offers a culinary trades program and the construction trades.

APPLY – Stage 3: Career Apprentice Club

Once youth enter high school, they will meet with Club mentors to apply for work outside the Club, internships, and post-secondary education. They will finish the financial aid process. Youth who complete all CareerSTART components will be eligible for a scholarship to attend St. Cloud Technical and Community College.


Upon high school graduation, Club staff will continue to mentor CareerSTART scholars to ensure successful post-secondary graduation and career satisfaction. We have developed a partnership agreement with St. Cloud Technical and Community College to create a continuum of support for CareerSTART scholars throughout college. This program is called Career ACHIEVE and creates a holistic student wrap around support program designed to close achievement gaps and aid successful program completion at SCTCC.


CareerSTART scholars who complete all components of the CareerSTART program will be eligible to receive a CareerPROMISE scholarship to attend St. Cloud Technical and Community College, after all financial aid has been applied. This scholarship effectively removes the financial barriers many of youth see to achieving success.

Click here to download a CareerSTART & CareerACHIEVE fact sheet.

Get Involved with CareerSTART

CareerSTART incorporates a strong network of community support from local schools and colleges, employers, workforce centers, the military and the community-at-large. Everyone can play an essential and unique role in building youth workforce readiness. There are a number of ways you can help youth explore, develop and apply skills through the CareerSTART program. Consider how you can get involved today!

  • Provide a career guest speaker
  • Provide a tour of your business
  • Offer internships or job shadowing
  • Support legislation for youth workforce readiness programs
  • Sponsor one of the six career areas of CareerSTART
  • Support CareerSTART as a Partner for the Future

Contact us at to get involved with CareerSTART today.

For more information about CareerSTART sponsorship opportunities, please contact the development department at 320-252-7616.


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