Boys & Girls Club Launches Emerging Leaders Program

Boys & Girls Club’s Emerging Leaders Program was launched to prepare the next generation of nonprofit leaders by building on the current skills and talents of our professional staff so that they may become effective, transformational nonprofit leaders.

Boys & Girls Club’s Emerging Leaders Program is designed to enhance professional skills, develop competencies, and explore organizational foundations through active participation while reflecting on personal, professional and career development aspirations.

Program Objectives:

  • Enhance personal skills for increased self-awareness, perception, confidence, and empathy.
  • Develop professional skills and competencies around problem-solving, business operations, systems, and critical thinking to increase organizational outcomes and prepare individuals for greater professional impact.
  • Support Boys & Girls Club core values, enrich culture, and improve club operations.

A cohort of 5 full-time Boys & Girls Club staff was selected for this introductory year-long program. The cohort attends sessions the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 9 – noon. Session topics include:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Personal Values & Setting Personal Goals
  • Written Communication
  • Conversations, Discussions & Presentations
  • Credibility in Organizational Ethics
  • Long Term Thinking & Strategic Planning
  • Business Operations, Critical Thinking & Board Governance
  • Customer Service & Community Engagement
  • Fundamentals of Accounting & Financial management
  • The Boys & Girls Clubs of America Movement & Beyond
  • Emerging Leaders Capstone Project


Introducing the 2023 Emerging Leaders Cohort


Brock Korbel

Brock Korbel is currently the Senior Site Manager of Boys & Girls Club’s Pine Meadow KIDSTOP, and he has served the mission of the organization for 11 years in various roles. Brock received his Bachelors in Elementary Education from St. Cloud State University.

Brock remains committed to the mission of the Boys & Girls Club because he has a passion for teaching children. The Club empowers him to educate children in ways that a traditional classroom setting cannot.

Brock joined the Emerging Leaders cohort to gain insight on his leadership abilities today and to learn important competencies to build his skill set as a nonprofit administrative leader.

Brock is married and is a girl dad of two, Sutten (5), and Saylen (2). His wife teaches kindergarten in the Sauk Rapids school district. In his spare time, Brock enjoys watching sporting events, playing golf, and catching up with friends on Guys’ Night.


Kristin Johnson

Kristin Johnson is currently Senior Site Manager of the Eastside Boys & Girls Club. She has served the mission of the Boys & Girls Club for 12 years, starting at an entry-level position and working her way up to a leadership role.

Working for the Boys & Girls Club has taught Kristin a lot about working with youth and about herself. She is passionate about shaping members and empowering them to reach their full potential. Kristin loves building relationships with Club members and their families, and those connections fuel her commitment to the mission of the Club.

Kristin joined the Emerging Leaders Program to gain the confidence expected in strong organizational leadership. In the short time has been involved in this program, she has seen another side to managing and presenting herself as a leader. She has learned how to better support those around her.

Kristin’s goal is to be someone who is utilized for her knowledge and leadership skills to help further the mission of the program.

In her spare time, Kristin enjoys playing basketball, travelling to state parks and hiking through the woods. She likes landscape photography, and she is currently learning how to use vacations as inspiration in her photography.


Serita Donovan

Serita Donovan is currently the Site Manager at Roosevelt Boys & Girls Club of Central Minnesota. Serita has been at the Boys & Girls Club for 1 year.

As site manager, Serita supports the development and implementation of a variety of programs for the youth. Serita has a passion to help others in her community, and especially those who need us most. Serita is proud to be a positive influence and role model to the youth in Central Minnesota and to be a part of initiatives that make a powerful impact on our community.

Serita applied to the Emerging Leaders Program to advance knowledge in her field and allow herself to grow into an individual who can make meaningful, impacting changes in young people’s lives. Serita hopes she can effectively learn to enhance her personal and professional skills and develop into a true leader within the Club. She hopes to gain self-awareness and self-discovery. Serita believes this program can provide a diverse range of perspectives, ideas, and experiences from other leaders, mentors, and program facilitators.

Serita wants to expand her professional network by working within her community and doing more volunteer work! Going forward, Serita wants to take on and manage larger projects within the organization.

Serita and her fiancé Cameron have a corgi named Honey as well as a horse named Sage. Serita loves to go to clinics and shows with her horse. She also tries to find time to golf and travel as well. Serita loves to volunteer, and she is currently involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.


Samantha Heschke

Samantha (Sami) Heschke is currently the Boys & Girls Club’s Purchasing Agent/Accounting Assistant. She has served the mission of the Boys & Girls Club for 10 ½ years in various roles, including site manager of Mississippi Heights KIDSTOP.

Sami is committed to the mission of the Boys & Girls Club because she believes that every child needs support to reach their full potential, and they have empowering and influential minds from which we can all learn.

Sami applied for the Emerging Leaders Program to grow and expand in her profession. She wants to gain valuable insight on positive leadership. She has learned that anyone can be a leader in their profession, regardless of their title.

Sami loves the outdoors! Summer and fall are her favorite seasons. In her spare time, Sami spends her days on the boat enjoying the lake, fishing until the sun goes down, and then sitting around the campfire.


Faisa Omar

Faisa Omar (Fay) is currently the Great Futures Coordinator at the Roosevelt Boys & Girls Club. This is her fifth year as an employee of the Boys & Girls Club; however, Fay was a member of the Club from age 8 to 18. Fay received her Associate’s degree from St. Cloud Technical and Community College.

Fay is committed to the Boys & Girls Club’s mission because she truly believes in its impact. The Club has supported Fay and her family in so many ways, for which she is very grateful. Fay found her purpose in transitioning to the “giving” side of this mission.

As a member of the Emerging Leaders cohort, Fay has built strong relationships with her colleagues and fellow community members. She continues to learn a lot about leadership and is building skills to help shape her professional career.

Fay aspires to pursue a music career and continue her work with youth in St. Cloud.  In her free time, Fay likes to write songs and spend time with family.