BGC Member Media Waiver (Opt Out)

During the year, your child may be part of activities or events that are photographed/videotaped. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota may want to use your child’s photograph/video recording for marketing and promotional purposes on the website, social media, newsletters, multimedia projects or other publications.

Parents/guardians may request their child’s photograph/video recording NOT BE RELEASED OR USED by submitting this form.


    Important: Although the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota will take reasonable steps to prevent members with restrictions from being photographed, we cannot guarantee that a member will not be photographed/videotaped as part of a large group event. Parents taking photos: We do not restrict parents/guardians/community from taking photos during large culminating events or events that take place outside the Boys & Girls Club in the community. We do not attempt to ensure that they are not taking photos/video recordings of members who have restrictions.