BGC Emerging Leaders Program - Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota

BGC Emerging Leaders Program

Thank you for your dedication to the mission of this organization and for your interest in developing your leadership skills to further serve the community!

Boys & Girls Club’s Emerging Leaders Program seeks to develop leaders who will carry on the mission of the Boys & Girls Club, to do whatever it takes to empower all youth to reach their full potential.

Effective nonprofit leadership requires both leadership competency as well as competency in technical areas (financial, governance, fundraising, staff/volunteers).

The Emerging Leaders program is for both experienced, mid-level nonprofit managers who have a formal degree, and professionals with direct experience, instead of a formal degree. This six-month program builds on current strengths and talents, then provides skills to become effective, transformational nonprofit leaders. It equips participants to pursue executive leadership positions at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota or throughout the Boys & Girls Club Movement.

Competencies Include:

  • Self-awareness (emotional intelligence, leadership assessment)
  • Communications (internal and external)
  • Organizational culture (staffing and volunteers)
  • Board governance (roles and responsibilities)
  • Financial management (risk management, scenario planning, asset management)
  • Fundraising (resource planning and development)
  • Strategic thinking (strategy planning, program development, evaluation)
  • Community awareness (cultural systems, equity, partnerships/collaboration, advocacy)

In addition to the program sessions, a leadership self-assessment and debrief could be provided to help participants develop insight into their personal and leadership style.

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