External Resources!

We know it’s difficult to ensure your kids are actively learning during this uncertain time. That’s why we’ve collected a list of resources for you to help your kids engage in online learning. Check out these great links!

District 742 meal distribution sites.

For K -12th

  • Banzai : Free financial education program with real life scenarios. Tests, games, activities, and library with embedded calculators
  • Century: Intervention tool to remedy gaps in education. Utilizes artificial intelligence to tailor learning. Free to schools closed during COVID-19
  • CK12: Always free – collection of online learning resources on every topic. Videos, reading, activities and online textbooks
  • From ABCs to ACTs: A plethora of materials to print and do at home. Everything broken down by subject and grade
  • Gamilab: Create online quizzes and learning experiences. Always free
  • Google: Some wonderful resources in a variety of different areas
  • Google Arts and Culture: Tour 2,500 world-famous museums from your couch!
  • Google Earth National Parks Tour: 31 national park virtual tours
  • Kahoot! free access to support distance learning to schools affected
  • Khan Academy: Wide range of lessons for students at every level – always free
  • Kognity: Turns traditional textbooks into interactive experiences with videos, animations and auto-corrected assessments. Free to all schools closed during the pandemic
  • MusicFirst: Learning management system for teaching music at all ages – free
  • PenPal Schools: Engage with students from around the world digitally – always free
  • Prodigy: Online Role Playing Game that uses and teaches math. Always free, just need to set up a username and password
  • Saved You a Spot: This is an online education blog with loads of resources. Here is a great article with ideas and games to do with your children
  • Twig Education: Variety of tools as free grade-level packets for distance learning. Free resources during COVID-19

For K – 6th grade

For 6th – 12th graders

  • ChemMatters: Engaging and relatable chemistry articles. Also a teacher guide to assist. Always FREE
  • HippoCampus: 7,000 Videos in 13 subjects that have the ability to set playlists. Always FREE
  • Mangahigh: Popular game-based site for algebra, geometry, statistics and more. Free access during outbreak
  • Vidcode ; Online coding and computer science curriculum for teens teaching Java, web programming and design. School access through May 2020

Other Resources