KIDSTART Registration - Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota

KIDSTART Registration

KIDSTART is a pre-school wrap-around childcare program operated by Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota. This program complements our KIDSTOP school-age child care program and will provide your child with quality developmental opportunities to help them transition seamlessly into kindergarten and KIDSTOP.

Starting September 1, 2022, monthly fees for KIDSTART will be:

  • 2-day 3-year-old program: $245 per month
  • 3-day 4-5-year-old program: $355 per month
  • 5-day 4-5-year-old program: $525 per month
  • Full-time pre-school program: $4 per day before school; $11.50 per day after school. We offer flexible schedules, and parents only pay for the days their child attends.