KIDSTART Registration

*** The KIDSTART form for the 2024-25 school year is now open! ***


KIDSTART is a pre-school wrap-around childcare program operated by Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota. This program complements our KIDSTOP school-age child care program and will provide your child with quality developmental opportunities to help them transition seamlessly into kindergarten and KIDSTOP.

Visit Sartell Programs for KIDSTART fee information.

Fixed vs. Customized Schedules

All families must determine whether they want their child to be on a fixed schedule or a customized schedule. Families that select a fixed schedule will be charged for each day their child is scheduled regardless of attendance. They may change their schedule on a monthly basis. Families on a customized schedule must use the BGCMN app to update their schedule on a weekly basis. Learn more about schedules here.