KIDSTOP Registration

KIDSTOP registration

Please note that your child cannot attend KIDSTOP until at least 2 business days upon receipt of your registration. 


Registration for Fall KIDSTOP is OPEN!

Registration for Fall KIDSTOP at Pleasantview is currently closed while we evaluate space availability. Thank you for your patience!

Registration for after-school Fall KIDSTOP at Pine Meadow is currently while we evaluate space availability. Before school KIDSTOP at Pine Meadow remains open.

Click here to register

Or Download the KIDSTOP Registration Form (PDF) if you do not wish to pay online.

Email us with any questions at

Please note: Parents, please bring a cold lunch for your child while he/she is attending summer or All Day KIDSTOP, as not all sites have microwaves available to heat lunches. Thank you for your understanding. If you have questions, please talk to your site’s program manager.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota would like to offer free Club memberships to children from military families through Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Mission: Youth Outreach program. Please fill out this brochure voucher (PDF) and bring it in for your child(ren)’s free Club membership and/or use it for $10 off your KIDSTOP registration processing fee.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the administrative office at (320) 252-7616.

Also, please consider joining our email contact list for important information regarding the KIDSTOP program, including weather-related closings, field trips and special events. Email us with your child’s site and your email address at

In need of financial assistance?

We want to make sure all children have the ability to participate in KIDSTOP, regardless of their family’s financial situation. Contact the Boys & Girls Club for County Child Care Assistance. Below, please also find a KIDSTOP Scholarship Application Form.

KIDSTOP scholarship application

Once you’re registered, sign up for Easy Pay!

Make paying daily fees and signing up for field trips a breeze, and never worry about a single late fee! Click here to fill out the Easy Pay form today. Turn it in to your program manager.