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12 Ways of Giving

Boys & Girls Club's 2016 holiday appeal

There are 12 ways you can make a big impact on more than 6,000 youth served by the Boys & Girls Club this holiday season!

  1. Help us reach our goal to serve more than 100,000 meals to youth who need us most!
    Last year we served 99,000 meals.
  2. Sponsor an annual Club membership for 10 youth 
    2,391 registered Club members  
  3. Sponsor a 2-week KIDSTOP scholarship
    $542,000 in scholarships & county assistance
    3,879 registered KIDSTOP members
  4. Give a child homework help & tutoring for 1 month  
    3,105 youth participate in Project Learn
  5. Keep a youth drug-free with prevention programs 
    662 youth participate in SMART Moves 
  6. Provide gym equipment for Club sports programs  
    2,804 youth particpate in gym programs
  7. Provide art supplies for Club programs
    1,299 youth participate in arts programs 
  8. Help us continue to build supportive relationships through social recreation programming.
  9. Improve literacy skills among K-3rd graders by supporting our one-to-one reading program.
  10. Help sustain our Youth Arts Initiative dance, fashion, digital and visual arts programming.
  11. Help us provide oral hygiene programs that teach kids how to keep their teeth healthy.134 kids participate in Cavity Free Zone
  12. Help us prepare teens to enter the workforce with the Junior Staff Career Development Program.

Donate Now!

Click here to make your 100% tax deductible donation online now. Thank you for making an impact in one of 12 ways this holiday season!